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MARCH 29 2012: Silver Screen Reality

World premiere of the experimental demo-pilot-movie for a projected TV/internet-series about the activities of PANTHERION in a cinema in Graz. It is attended by more than 300 people.

MAY 5 2011: The Video

PANTHERION comes in possession of a video, sent by an unknown source. It shows Osama Bin Laden, still alive, held hostage by F.A.F.N.E.R. for shady reasons.

OCTOBER 2010: Frozen Shadow

F.A.F.N.E.R. launches Operation FROZEN SHADOW.

SUMMER 2010: Viola Wachter

Art Student Viola Wachter joins PANTHERION after being rescued by Alexander Freytag from a vampiric attack.

JUNE 2010: Knittelfeld

Viktor Augenfeld meets Waltraud Kaliba and J├╝rgen Trieb in Knittelfeld to get informations about the local paranormal and UFO activities.

APRIL 30 2010: Beltane

Alexander Freytag evokes the Horned One and is assigned to a mission.

APRIL 2010: InterSpace

A F.A.F.N.E.R.-division lead by Major Fellner moves to Graz. The notorious Dr. Nachtstrom archives first InterSection-Scan live recordings about the TransAcoustics incident: The PANTHERION team discovers the InterSpace.


Rocco di Meglio contacts PANTHERION to share intel about the official reinstallment of BASILISK.

AUTUMN 2009: Tunnels

PANTHERION follows enigmatic clues in old Masonic documents and discovers an entrance to the subterranean tunnels in eastern Styria.

AUGUST 2009: Sabine Glocker

PANTHERION breaks Sabine Glocker free from a Circle of Friends of THULE human sacrifice ritual. She joins the organisation. Simultaneously, PANTHERION is attacked by a shape-shifting Succubus.