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Home of the so-called Countess and some other remained occupants, simply classified as VAMPIRES for their parasitic nature and ghostlike appearance. It is a world at the brink of death, leeched-out by its own lifeforms, cold, colorless, its dying sun emitting an acerb, depressing light, enhancing all contrasts. For humans, the appearance of this dimension is dreamlike, the shifting of its occupants seems beautifully vague, floating, ethereal and it's easy to confuse them with our cultural image of "angels". Irrespective of this emotions, the Vampires are unable to foster warm feelings, only cold and libidinal sexuality.

After years of training and meditation a human transdimensionaut can be taught to perceive the true visual appearance of a Vampire, which can't be photographed or filmed. The only existing records are drawings from memory (see the sketches from Viktor Augenfeld's transdimensionautical journals on the right).

Vampires are able to possess a human being from their dimension remotely and to cross over to our universe, becoming manifest in a human body in doing so. Vampires use special mudras to open a portal to other realities. The fact that they normally inhabit another dimension has led the populace to believe that Vampires are the dead, coming by demonic forces from a realm of death and sleeping in coffins. Of course, the pointed fangs are also pure myth from a long forgotten past, a metaphor for the extraction of lifeforce, executed by "kissing" the victim (if the Vampire has corporealized). In the old days the physical destriction of a Vampire was relatively easy: You had to stake him through his torso or shoot/stab him with a weapon made of silver. During the last few centuries evolution separated the Vampires' physical body from his metaphysical one, so the medieval descriptions of Succubi and Incubi are far more accurate by now.To kill a Vampire has proved to be difficult because of their strong regeneration powers and ability to fight as long as they see a chance to subdue their opponent. They are not distracted by any weapon for more than seconds. However, PANTHERION has developed a method to drive Vampires off temporarily, who seem to react "allergic" to crystalline minerals (probably because of their piezo-electric characteristics) and instantly abscond from our reality when confronted with a crystal. A possible procedure for re-humanizing Vampires by the use of a particular tattoo ink has to be further examined.

Each time a Vampire feeds on a victim in our reality the extracted energy is transfered to one of his Supremes, who regularily send their underlings on the prowl. Vampires thus represent a parasitic, colonizing and collectively acting species, moving from world to world like a virus, always in search of lifeforce. So it would be quite sure to assume that their homeworld is not their planet of origin but a colonized world with the utmost probability.

For decades the Vampires desperately tried to find a solution to prevent their worlds from dying. One of their failed experiments involved some occult groups within the Nazi SS in World War Two and their top secret "Vampirlager" ("Vampire Camps") in which the otherworldly leeches had an itch to get to the lifeforce of the moribund human guinea pigs. Another project was to abduct infants to resurrect the Vampire universe using the ultra strong children's energy, but it shipwrecked at the raveousness of the starving Vampire kidnappers who sucked the precious and tantalizing energy too rapidly, failing to give it over to the Supremes, instantly killing all children in the process (One of the children was AndrĂ¡s, son of Clara Ortrun Baroness of Schwarzenstein). A further perfidious plan conceived by the Supreme Vampire called "Countess" was to crossbreed with a human ... not out of scientific curiosity only, but to create a possible chance for her species' survival. She observes the result of this communion, Alexander Freytag, with mild interest.

The actual origin of the Vampire species is unknown. One theory implies a human ancestry: A very long time ago the Vampires have been humans who succeeded in leaving their physical bodies and exploring other dimensions and alternate realities, consuming a great amount of lifeforce in doing so. This additionally needed energy was forcefully extracted from other lifeforms (animals, enemies etc.).