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Also: The Reality, The Nature,  Platon's Cave

Our (humankind's) own observed universe. What we commonly and consensually believe to be "true" and "real". It all changed and narrowed a bit in some countries after western societies  had implemented a so-called "scientific worldview" with very reductionist ideas like the "scientific method". Firstly, it brought us many great advancements and convenient improvements but since the late 20th century we are beginning to sense a little speck of uncertainty about our materialistic and dissecting theories in the face of human accelerated climate change, overpopulation, missing social equality, antibiotics-resistances and quantum philosophy. For many of us the idea of "More Than This" is not longer beyond their grasp. We welcome those to the PANTHERION community!

NOTE: We are not anti-science, we are anti-reductionism and pro-inclusion. So PANTHERION doesn't stop at multiculturalism, we want multidimensionality.