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Also: Vampire Dimension
The world currently infested by the vampiric parasite species is a dying, nameless planet, circling a star in its final throes within an otherwise predominantly void parallel universe. The light of this comatose sun desaturates every color affected by its dim radiation. The Cold World intersects at some points with the Dead Dimension but the portals are well hidden and guarded.


Also: GREAT OLD ONES' REALM, Lovecraft's Lair

The famous American author and fellow transdimensionaut H.P. Lovecraft didn't know the concept of "pocket universes" when he described this "region" between, or should I say "beneath"?, our consensus reality universe and some of its occupants. The so-called Space Between The Stars, as Lovecraft coined it, is a mycelium of pocket-universes, interconnected throughout subspatial vibration patterns, accessible by using willpower-enhanced audiovisual stimuli and completely indescribable in human words or images. No comprehensible geometry, no concept of perspective, optics, acoustics or logic rules this pre-psychophysical anti-place.

The Space Between The Stars is home to creatures so alien and deviant to everything humans know or want to know that it is a dimension of true and pure horror for any sane and conscious being. Since a split second after the last creation cycle origin event of our consensus reality universe it's inhabited by a seemingly plethora of indescribably abject beings, called The Great Old Ones by Lovecraft.


Also: The Curatorship, Greys' City, Oz

An extremely high engineered planet in a parallel reality. Its technological advances are far supreme to a type III civilization on the Kardashev-scale and have reached a post-magical appearance. Its occupants have evolved onto a multidimensional consciousness-level and are thus not bound to any spacetime-law. The planet-wide city-structure and the Dyson-sphere-shrouded sun are physical monuments of the last materialist level the Curators had reached before leaping into a higher dimensionality. Like physical incarnations (for example: the "Greys") the Curators create from time to time to communicate with timespace-bound beings, it is used as an interface for visitors and interlopers from inferior evolution levels. Some years ago, the Curators showed an otherwise absent sense of humor when they used their influence on human pop-culture to have the meme of their planet implanted into the famous Star Wars saga as the governmental planet Coruscant.


Also: Desert Of Death, The Forbidden Zone, The Contaminated Reality

In 2007, Viktor Augenfeld discovered this wasteland of a parallel reality by accident: He tried to tune into a so far unknown frequency on the Reality Radio and crossed over to the Dead Dimension. It's not much more than a huge desert with several ruins and debris, leftovers of a once great civilization, wiped out by a mysterious and horrible weapon of mass destruction on a planetary level. For some also unknown reason, the only remaining lifeform is a highly intelligent, cancerous, disembodied, viral hive-mind, infecting every biological entity dumb or careless enough to enter its habitat.

All transfer intelligence regarding the Dead Dimension and its occupant is strictly classified TOP SECRET P1 OKTARIN / VA EYES ONLY.


Also: Fairy Land, Tír Na NÓg, Land Of No Return

The Land Of Twilight is believed to be one of the celtic otherworlds, a fairy land, a mythologically charged fantasy-world. This supernaturally beautiful but extremely dangerous parareality lies "behind the rain, beneath the hills and beyond music".  Like many other realities it exists in a very different density-bubble of the multiverse, which is why time behaves very different there. Many fairy-tales and modern alien-abduction-stories about time-loss originate from experiences with entities from the Land Of Twilight.

It is inhabited by fairy-like entities, called Dazzlers, a part of The Old Folk; they are also known as Shining Ones, Lords&Ladies, Fairies, Fǣġe or Night-Elves.

The Land Of Twilight has always been a magnet for poets and artists. Countless works of art depict this otherworldly realm.
  • Gustave Doré: “Fairy Land” (1881)


Also: Barzakh, The Delicate Veil

The parallel reality of the Djinns is an inaccessible region. No transdimensionaut was able, as of now, to cross its borders. It is suspected to be very inhospitable for humans. There may be a chance to lure into the DJINN REALITY using Coordinate Remote Viewing techniques. After all, this remains to be verified.


Also: Freakworld, Funhouse, The Circus

On the surface, the CLOWN'S REALITY seems to resemble our reality. But a closer look reveals a universe in which all colours, sounds, smells, tastes etc. are much more intense, up to unbearably extreme taste neutrality. The whole universe is permeated by a hysterical vulgarity and depravity in this reality. Nothing is what it seems, under every lovely flower, behind every romantic sunset lurks an evil, treacherous danger. The essence of this reality is, down to the sub-quantum level, the "trickster" principle. If a human transdimensionaut is adventurous enough to enter the CLOWN'S REALITY, his mental health is seriously threatened. For some reason, the garish colors and honey-colored sounds, the sweet smells and viscous tastes - not to mention the bizarre, clownish inhabitants - usually make the traveler think he's in some kind of huge sideshow, a circus or a freak show with no exit. Like a drunken village idiot, he will often stumble through the worlds of this parallel universe until his sudden death terminates his physical existence by encountering one of the more deadly species. The CLOWN'S REALITY is no fun.


Also: Land Above The Clouds, Eternal Meadows

MAGONIA is an alternative reality whose oscillation frequency lies between that of the curatorial and twilight realms, which means that its inhabitants confront us in their appearance in a very iridescent way and appear in almost infinitely varied physical, usually extremely fantastically grotesque organic-inorganic hybrid forms, since the frequency of their continuum is constantly subject to slight changes, similar to a badly tuned radio station.

The first literarily documented contacts took place in the early Middle Ages, as described by Bishop Agobard of Lyon around 815. According to early records of PANTHERION, the Dutch painter Jheronimus van Aken (better known as Hieronymus Bosch, 1450-1516) was also a Magonian contact person, which is reflected in his paintings, which even today elude classification as the art of his time.

The Magonians enter our earthly reality with a "technology" indistinguishable from natural earthly meteorological phenomena, which in earlier times earned them the reputation of being evil weather magicians ("Tempestarii"), as their appearance is almost always accompanied by storms and bad harvests. In a few exceptional cases they were considered to be angels or other "heavenly beings" of positive interpretation.

In any case, contacts with Magonians were responsible to a not inconsiderable extent for an increase in demon and witch hysteria in the late Middle Ages. The reason for the almost invasion-like visits of magonian beings at certain times was a mystery for a long time, until the French scholar Jean Bodin, shortly before his death at the end of the 16th century, decided to take a closer look at the history of magonism. During the research for his book De Magorum Daemonomania, Bodin found out that Magonians had an addictive predilection for earthly berries (especially bromine, raspberries and strawberries) as well as for certain types of grain and field crops, since these were the only objects in MAGONIA that never changed their appearance/colour for reasons that are (as yet) unknown. One theory is that these plants might have a natural multidimensional homogeneity - which would provide interesting medical-pharmaceutical aspects for future reality and dimensional expeditions.

With a probability bordering on certainty, the more or less geometrical figures known as "Crop Circles", which can be observed again and again in many places on earth, represent a highly complex technology of the Magonians to use certain geographical points / regions as multidimensional anchor points.

Various earthly intoxicants, such as Datura Stramonium, Mescaline or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) can facilitate the mutual communication with these beings, but they also carry the danger of being carried off to MAGONIA by them, which might be an extremely unpleasant, mostly lethal experience, since humans are normally not suited to exist in a world with oscillating frequencies.

"But we have seen and heard many who are possessed by such madness, confused by such folly, that they believe and claim that there is a land called Magonia, from which ships are sailed in the clouds, in which the crops, which are knocked down by the hailstorms and destroyed by storms, are transported to that land, these airships giving their wages to the weather-makers and receiving the grain or other crops. To think that such a thing is possible, blinded by such abysmal folly, we have seen a whole group of people in a crowd of people dragging four people - three men and one woman - tied up, who are said to have fallen from these very ships. They then kept them tied up and locked up for a few days and then presented them to a large gathering, as I said, in our presence, so that they might be stoned to death."

From "Liber contra insulsam vulgi opinionem de Grandine et Tonitruis" by Agobard of Lyon  (c.820)

"I know it from my grandmother, the farmhand continued. She often heard her grandmother tell the story in Alsace when the weather was blowing over the Odilienberg. From the land of Magonia it sailed here, the fog ship, white above the black clouds, Fasolt and Mermuth sitting inside, hailing the grain from the stalks when the weather wizard gave them power over it, and lifting our grain up in the airship and going home to Magonia again, and paying a good wage. The fog ship calls in more than masses, but the husks remain for us."

From: "Ekkehard" by Joseph Victor von Scheffel (1855)


Also: Threshold, The Membranes

Strictly speaking, the TRANSITION and the INTERSPACE are not independent parallel dimensions / alternate realities in their own right; nevertheless, they are presented in this category because they have a lot to do with them.

The TRANSITION is a hub for lucid dreamers and out-of-body travellers. From here one can theoretically travel to the dream/astral world of all other dimensions. To do this, it is necessary to conjure up the strongest possible emotion, which you associate with the desired dimension and let yourself be drawn there, so to speak. Of course, this presupposes that on the one hand you can control your dreams or that you have had sufficient ACE training and on the other hand that you have corresponding experience with the parallel world whose subtle spheres you wish to visit.

According to Mark Vectoric, the INTERSPACE is "... like the area between tick and tock, between one thought and the next, between the moment you fall and the moment you start to fall. So it's a non-space, so to speak, it's the transition from one world to another. And: it is extremely difficult to reach, because with the Reality Radio you can only access the frequencies of different dimensions, but not the space between them."

Since the events of its discovery by PANTHERION (see the radio play No. 1: "Space in between") the team suspects that the Necronauts are behind it – they try to charge it with so much consciousness that it collapses and thus the partitions between the dimensions are quasi blown up; thus their way would be free to physically cross the border to the beyond.

The consideration here is the following: The INTERSPACE behaves like a heightened energy level between the dimensions. One could imagine it as elevations, while the individual dimensions lie in depressions like lakes. The Necronauts probably recognized the energy potential of the INTERSPACE and started to "suck" energy from it through their experiments with its charging of consciousness: All sorts of devices can be powered by it. If enough energy is "sucked off" at one point, the energy level there drops over a wide area and the dimensions (the lakes) come closer together – until they finally touch. Imagine an inflated barrier that separates two water basins until someone pushes down this barrier. If more and more and more power-hungry devices / machines are used at one place, this could become problematic: If a lot of energy is extracted from one place, the level there drops and two dimensions could overlap and even mix up on a broad front!


Also: Eden Prime, Unus Mundus, Garden Of Delights

Whoever deals with parallel dimensions will one day come to the logical conclusion that there must be a world somewhere where all wishes can be fulfilled and which – like all others – is within reach.

It is a legend ... and entices with unimaginable visions: It definitely holds the promise of eternal life for the Vampires, offers a horrible playground for the creatures from THE SPACE BETWEEN THE STARS, gives the Clowns whatever they want, and holds an unlimited field of experiments for the Curators ... and also all problems of the humans could be solved there. How to get there is a contention among philosophers, frontier scientists, metaphysicians, and magicians of all worlds.