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Also: ZENITH Model 5G02 (modified) | Reality Intersection Control Device
One particular theory of parallel realities / other dimensions implies that they are comparable with different frequencies such as those accessed via radio. The most valuable device in the possession of PANTHERION, the REALITY RADIO, seems to confirm this theory. The apparatus allows its user to "switch" between realities / dimensions and physically cross over to them. Within a radius of up to 2m the REALITY RADIO emits a kind of exotic wormhole-portal, appearing in our spacetime-continuum as a shimmering, the user's body completely enclosing "bubble". By adjusting the tuning-wheel any previously saved "station", or parallel reality location, can be selected and by using the volume control the portal-bubble becomes more or less tangible and permeable.

Depending on the nature and/or quality of the selected parallel reality / other dimension, usually its REALITY RADIO-counterpart looks more or less different and may often be very difficult to identify. In so-called hostile realities the radio does not even exist and the transdimensionaut is trapped. For this reason PANTHERION has developed a portable remote-control that all who use the REALITY RADIO are required to carry. The radio has a limited reception range; if the actuated reality signal is too weak for a total crossing over the connection produces an acoustic connection only.

History: A disoriented and confused US Navy sailor who seemed to be associated with the destroyer USS Eldridge mysteriously appeared in and disappeared from Graz. In the time of his brief stay he left the enigmatic radio behind. Down to the present day it is a mystery how the Zenith radio model from 1949 could appear in 1943, 6 years before it was officially manufactured. Some scientists believe it is related to the spacetime-altering gravitational-field experiments conducted on the USS Eldridge.

PANTHERION managed to got a hold of the device and discovered its ability to open/close a portal to other dimensions and realities. However, its exact modus operandi is yet a topic of speculation and dispute. Although most of the functional parts could be analyzed and classified the underlying and fluctuating multidimensional technology is far beyond our current understanding.
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