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Also: Curatorship, The Greys, Men In Black, The LAMs
When the Curators, a fungi-based, technologically extremely engineered species ab initio, reached a supreme evolutionary, galactic civilization stage they started to willfully change matter and reality on macro- and microcosmic levels. The Curatorship consensus reality, originally coexisting with human consenus reality and located in a remote solar system near the Orion Belt, shifted its density frequency and became a parallel reality to mankind's. This change took place in the early prehistoric stages of human civilization. Some Curator-secessionists refused to enter this higher, in their mindset experienced as a more controlled state of social consciousness, and fled to the next habitable planet they knew... which was, of course, earth. Subsequently they started an still ongoing crossbreeding project and influenced human evolution and spirituality in an unforeseen way. Many religious concepts and modern-day "Ancient Alien"-theories, UFO-sightings and "High Strangeness"-experiences up to the notorious "Abduction"-phenomenon have their roots in sometimes scary, sometimes joyful interactions between Curators and human beings. We won't delve deeper into this topic, you'll find literally thousands of websites, books and films about it. Be encouraged to start your own research.
Since the early years of WW2 the clandestine military intelligence organisation F.A.F.N.E.R. has cultivated a close relationship to the Curator's homeworld in its parallel dimension, receiving "gifts" (such as weaponry updates, mobile communication technology, fiber optics or microchip enhancements) in exchange for offering the Curatorship specimens of earth's biodiversity, including secretly selected and abducted humans as well as intel about the whereabouts of defectors' offspring amongst human population.Defectors and a growing number of "regular" Curators exist, as distinguished to most other transdimensional species, side by side with humans on earth, mostly undetected. The defectors had interbred a long time ago with humans (and some animals, like, for example cats and owls, believe it or not) and are only genetically detectable, but the official visitors from the Curators' homeworld can be made out by attentive observers by their emotionless behaviour and their extreme photosensibility, although they are able to change shape and appearance at will like every species on a multidimensional consciousness level. Protected by secret international treaties and pacts, administered by high ranking F.A.F.N.E.R.-officials, they usually live in well-hidden subterranean military bases,  abandoned bunkers and caves. They often work closely together with certain military research facilities and pharmaceutical companies.
The ultimate motivation of the Curators is unknown to mankind and as long as there is a profitable exchange of knowledge and technology human power structures tend not to ask too many questions. Although it should be obvious that an extremely high developed species like the Curatorship must have far deeper reaching intentions than nitpickingly hunting some genetic successors of aeons-old deserters or playing around with cattle and creating crop circles, no military or political official involved in this transdimensional relationship seems to be interested in a serious investigation. PANTHERION suspects that there is a plan of very sophisticated multidimensional research and reconnaissance for an unknown future event in motion, maybe an official "disclosure" campaign sometimes between 2014 and 2020 with a subsequent re-formation of human society, if the PANTHERION Remote Viewer's Squad is right. If it's malicious or benign for mankind we do not know. But it might be the case that the glass beads the Curators are generously endow us with will emerge as a Danæn present.

****UPDATE (NOV 2021):
The aforementioned disclosure event has happened, with Leslie Kean and the "New York Times" as its voice, but a few month afterwards, humankind was hit by a virus pandemic and harsh, democracy-shattering measures against it which still hold society hostage. And, convenient enough, nobody talks about the sensational Pentagon reports and even officially released videos about UAPs. PANTHERION currently investigates possible connections between the disclosure event, the pandemic strategies and possible involvement of the Curators.