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In autumn 2009, magician Bernhard Reicher and artist Jörg Vogeltanz accidentally got in contact with a key member of our widely unknown secret organisation PANTHERION who tasked Reicher and Vogeltanz with the production of a semi-fictional multimedia project to prepare the public pop-culturally for near future transdimensional events and incidents of global significance, originating in Graz / Austria.

As a first step a movie production to promote a projected TV/internet series was scheduled. Officially a no/low budget project, the basic costs were covered by the mysterious Schwarzenstein Fund, located in Liechtenstein. The basic idea was to shoot a pilot movie of ridiculously epic proportions but, to avoid political influence and professional's biases, made only by and with enthusiastic amateurs and autodidacts.

Fact is, it was/is largely a magic ritual. But this fact was hidden until now.

In early summer 2010, Reicher and Vogeltanz gathered a highly motivated team of about 100 film entrepreneurs, amateurs and interested people of different professions and skills. 50 shooting days and 1,5 years of postproduction later, the demo pilot movie, PANTHERION – REALITY IS DEBATABLE, was ready for screening in the crucial year of change, 2012.

The completed movie should function as a kind of sketch or promo/demo to get production funding for a 100% professional version. To forestall the obvious question: It didn't work so far. Because nobody who could support and finance the project was able to understand why there was such a huge effort made just to show an amateur sketch of an unfinanced movie.


"There's no war

We'd have to join

We're on the blank

Side of the coin"

Since then, transdimensional tremors have become obvious through all realities and dimensions, first of all effecting politics and social structures by shaking quantum algorithms and what some call the Morphic Field or the NOOsphere. And the little multimedia project grew in the shadows. Vogeltanz cut the pilot movie into 7 smaller episodes and tried, again, to give the audience and possible supporters a feeling of what could have been. But along the project's fringes unexpected flowers began to grow: An interesting series of pulp-magazines ("Omen", "Morbus") – see under PRINT – and an anthology magazine project  ("Visionarium") emerged from the ever expanding PANTHERION multiverse.

One of the movie's female protagonists and soundtrack artists started a career as musician (Kolinsky Konspiracy). Bernhard Reicher founded a successful magic-related youTube channel together with magician colleague Rudolf Stark (Reicher&Stark) and a not less successful online magic school project. A Coordinate Remote Viewing Group in Graz was established. New alliances were formed. Unforeseen Cooperations flourished. Friendships deepened. New paths were treaded. PANTHERION lives on.

The video project is thus hibernating, waiting for the proverbial spring's april-fool madness to break free. We the PANTHERION core group stand united behind this amazing project. It may be not Hollywood or BBC, but it's an important popcultural act of pure magic(k) and a permanently active beacon of creativity.

Onward, comrades, the curtain is slowly raising, the veil is beginning to be pierced, this multiverse will soon be a very different place. The multimedia project PANTHERION was an entry point and we are proud to were able to offer our name, share our time and sacrifice our century-old secrecy for it.

Viktor Augenfeld, PANTHERION