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The basic principle for this reverse engineered highly effective Energy Weapon is a dimensionally superordinated radiation, called DEC6i. It effects subnuclear processes immediately and is able to disrupt the strong nuclear binding force. Subsequently, all identically charged protons within the target will repulse each other, thus ripping the atomic nucleus apart, emitting infrared- and gamma-radiation. Depending on the target material, fragments of the destroyed nucleus either transform nearby atoms into radioactive isotopes or split their cores. Devastating chain reactions of a larger scale are unlikely though, except for fissile materials, of course. The NUCLEAR BINDING RIP FORCE GUN emits several small but ultrahigh-energy DEC6i-pulses, annihilating each atomic nucleus in their way. The released binding force energy becomes visible by millions of micro-detonations of atmospheric atoms along the DEC6i-beam.

The emission's impact is not limited to the target's surface, it continues its destructive work deep inside until it's been completely absorbed. A DEC6i emission pulse penetrates every known material and is normally adjusted to permeate throughout concrete not more than +/- 50mm, industrial steel +/- 6mm, or, equivalently, less deep throughout organic matter to minimize collateral damage.

PLEASE NOTE: Affected targets exhibit increased radioactivity for a long time thus rendering a DEC6i pulse shot precisely datable!


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The HEAVY GRAVITON JAMMER is a perfect example for creating weaponry by using findings from other fields of research. At this point it is impossible to reconstruct the purpose of the original research (maybe the technology was developed to produce antigravity or to "stick" persons/objects to a certain location by graviton-manipulation). In short, The HGJ emits a target-graviton affecting beam.Gravitons, as far as it is known, are not able to assume more than one solid state in our space-time-continuum. Any attempt to alter their spin or manipulate them in any way should end in a violation of the standard model. But apparently, it is possible to affect gravitons without breaking known laws of physics. In case of the HEAVY GRAVITON JAMMER the affected gravitons simply fall into a parallel universe. Inflicted matter also loses its solid state by this imbalance of the conservation of mass energy and dematerializes in a kind of explosion. This effect seems to be ideal for weaponry and implementing it into a sidearm but has to be classified as "bizarre" because of some serious disadvantages of such a risky device.

The fact that the balancing explosion produces unpredictable amounts of toxic gases and dusts, amongst other substances, could be problematic. Plus, the HGJ requires a surgically precise target pre-adjustment, in which the target's material texture, its composition and its mass seem to be of great importance. However, the effect on biological organisms and living tissue is surprisingly weak. This might be a result of the still unknown procedure of the targeting system's fine-tuning, only several disputed experimental measurement data is available as yet. Another disadvantage of the HGJ lies in the supporting field which has to be established by the weapon before it can be fired. This field causes strong wide-range electromagnetic disturbances while the firing range is only within 10 to 20m.

The "fate" of the gravitons which were projected into the parallel universe mentioned above, is presently an unsolved mystery. Some scientists believe that the gravitons, after degradation of their weapon-induced elevated energy state, simply re-enter our universe. Some very exotic effects within and between infinite time- and space-zones should occur in the process.


INVENTED: 1911, United Kingdom
RE-ENGINEERED: 1979, Austria

The MORPHIC FIELD CUTTER completely isolates the "ethereous body" of a target entity from the morphic continuum thus preventing the body's bioenergetic and morphogenetic regeneration process. A very powerful weapon when antagonizing entities and/or humans with strong psychophysical or parapsychic abilities.

History: In the early 20th century a colleague of radio-pioneer and electrical engineer Guglielmo Marconi, a certain Blyth Boras, left the team in Poldhu (Cornwall) in a dispute. His own ideas proved to be a failure, as far as it is known he never produced any valuable results. By never satisfactory explained circumstances Boras' notations and blueprints got into the possession of a still unknown person who managed to build the first working MORPHIC FIELD CUTTER.

Mode of operation: In addition to the 3rd (space) and 4th (time) dimension and to the 5th and 6th hyperspatial dimensions several other dimensions exist. Supported and nourished by the activities currents "in"/"from" the structuring-teleologic 5th/6th dimensional continuum (as described in Burkhard Heim's mass formula theory) the so-called ETHER is one of them. The "ethereous body" is precisely described in, for example, some indian teachings and transcripts. It is part of a sentient/conscious being, usually invisible in space-time, connecting and interacting with the Ether. Some eastern traditions think of it as a kind of antenna for connecting with CHI, the spiritual life-force via a quantum biology field.

Light in its electromagnetic waveform functions as a transfer medium for modulating a quantum magnetic chromatic charge onto the wave (Boras-Effect). Which of the 6 available chromatic charges gets modulated, is irrelevant; if a flash of such a kind of charged light hits an entity, its quantum biomagnetic link gets destabilized and the field collapses. The ethereous body loses its connection to the psychophysical body, visualized by a blinding flash of glaring light. Those who dared to look into the beam directly, reported that they had a chromatically inverted view, similar to a color film negative. When cutting through spacetime the weapon produces a characteristic crackling sound, often described as extremely startling shock-noise. The target entity is temporarily unable to use its senses when being hit by the disassociating wave, but after a few seconds the ethereous connection is partially re-established, enabling the target to act in a moderately "normal" way. After 6 to 10 hours the field is completely regenerated.

However, if the target entity is weakened or injured when shot, its regeneration is highly unlikely or at least slowed down significantly. Basic regeneration is initiated when the ethereous connection is stabilized (after 3 to 4 hours), during this period the target's ability to use magic or extrasensory skills is stunned by the inability to channel energy. For the same reason the target doesn't get attacked by energy-parasites (Vampires, Succubi etc.) during this period – it is simply no promising energy-source. Plus, if any nonphysical entity possesses the target's body when it is hit by the MORPHIC FIELD CUTTER the parasitic being gets violently expelled.

Purely ethereously structured entities (such as "ghosts") are terminated by the weapon's effect. It has absolutely no impact on children up to the age of 6 or 7 years because their ethereous body is much more dense, thus enabling the regeneration of the ethereous link to the psychophysical body instantaneously. If used against mentally unstable persons the MORPHIC FIELD CUTTER induces nervous breakdowns, severe depressions and panic attacks. For targets suffering from cardiac insufficiencies, people who need 100% of their ability for regeneration because of an injury or older persons, the shock can be lethal.

Please note: The "ETHER GUN" has a very limited range of fire. The emitted beam can be focused, but at a distance of 10m from the muzzle its diameter is already 3m. Its effect also decreases dramatically. For example, it is nearly impossible to target a single entity from the relatively short distance of 8m if another entity is nearby.